Chemical classes have a pretty long tradition in our school. Every student from sekunda to kvarta can visit these classes, every wednesday at 2:15 P.M., for older students, only consultations are being held for individual categories of the chemistry olympics. The classes aren't just boring lessons about learning chemical formulas and equations, as many people may think. Students in these classes are doing things, for which in regular lessons no more time is. Funny experiments, in which students try some of the chemical reactions out for themselves. Completely without theories it also isn't possible, so some time is devoted to chemical calculations. Students, who are really interested in chemistry, can take part in chemistry olympics.

Students from tercie and kvarta can take part in category D and older students in categories C, B and A. Another tournament is Chemiklání, where the older students in teams of 3-5 compete with each other. Few of our students' achievements in school year 2018/19 are for example 4th place in the D category, 2nd place in category C, 1st place in B category or 4th place in category A. Our students don't let us down even in Chemiklání, where they took beautiful 5th place. For all these achievements is our school grateful to professor Poláčková, without her capability to excite students, would be chemical classes only another boring subject.