At the end of the year 2018, a group of students took part in high school basketball tournament. Six teams from Brno and surrounding villages participated in this tournament. The best result was shown by Grammar school Matyáše Lercha and a team from Vyškov.

Students that took part were from class kvarta-oktáva. In our team were mostly students from septima and oktáva class. But also students from sexta and kvinta played in the tournament. Against other teams, we were mostly basketball rookies. For example in the GML team were students playing basketball for Brno's club BŠM. At the start, Šlapanice team was taking the lead in the matches. Even though our team was less experienced, the fight with GML was even. Minding the big rivals, our school, under the lead of professor Miroslav Dvořák, took the third place in regionals. Even girls from our school have taken part in the high school basketball tournament in Tišnov. Even though they had only one training led by professor Urban, they were able to take a beautiful third place.