To be more accurate, light Athletics is very widespread. All the girls and boys from prima to oktáva take part in this subject. We take part in many courses and a wide variety of disciplines. The favourite events are sprinting, relay, long-distance runs, but also long jumps and high jumps. Athletics is an independent optional subject, but every year it's also part of regular PE classes, and every student from prima to oktáva takes PE. Athletics take place during a part of the year which is favourable for doing physical activities outside. In the PE classes, students compete in most of the light athletics: Running, sprinting, high jump, long jump, shot-put, cross-country running, and so on. The distances of the courses are determined by the student's age and gender.

The best athlets are then chosen and they can take part in many competitions between schools. A few of these are Želešická růže (The rose of Želešice), Středoškolský Atletický pohár (High school Athletic award) and so on.

Our biggest achievements from earlier years are: our schools first place in regional course of Pohár rozhlasu 2019, where the upper places were taken by for example by Krinke Šimon in 1500 meter run, Hriczo Radim in shot-put (4kg) or Krinke, Strapáč, Doležal, Hriczo in relay 4x60 meters. Next is third place of younger female students in district course of the Pohár rozhlasu 2019 where Anika Elsa Unge came in first place in cricket ball throw, Machů Zuzana on second place, 600 meter run and so on. Overall second place of our school in Středoškolský atletický pohár 23.9.2019 won by for example Petr Polák, who was first in 60 and 400 meters run, Vojtěch Toman on the first place in 1500 meters run, Vít Březina on second place in jump to the heights or Březina, Polák, Šťourač, Hodek for the first place in 4x200 meters relay. One of our achievements is also the first place of Šimon Krinke on Mokerská laťka 2019 or overall 4th place in regional round of Želešická růže in V. girls category, where Veronika Velísková came on third place.