drama class

Acting classes or simply theatre has a long history on our school. Except few years, the theatre class was running consistently.

In this course, students learn the basics of acting, speaking in front of a crowd and even a bit of improvisation. The theatre classes are being run by professor Jaroslav Kotulán, who is teaching czech language and art history on our school. It's just the right person to run this optional class.

Professor is choosing drama plays, which he'll then be practicing with the students for the following year. And at the end of the year, students will show what they have learned to their classmates, in form of the play they've been practicing so hard. Which play will be practiced depends on, which student does professor have on his hand. For example, with the younger ones, fairy tales are being practiced, but with the older ones he is practicing more complex plays like Shakespear or Moliére. This year (school year 2019/20) interset for acting was so high, that professor had to divide his lessons into two parts. Younger and older actors. Students are meeting every friday afternoon in the Děvín building in the arts classroom. Practices are open for public so that anyone could come there and see for themselves how are the students doing.