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The first day of the EDISON program at our school, the septima class had the honour to meet three of the trainees. Unfortunately, for the Ivette ´s and Joanna ´s lesson the class was divided into two groups but for the last lesson with another trainee we were together as a whole class.

The groups were the same as for the English lessons. One group got Ivette who presented Mexico and taught them Spanish numerals by the game Lotería, in Czech Republic known as bingo. The winning price was an opportunity to taste sweet Mexican sauce.

The other group spent the time with Joanna from Taiwan and she had a presentation full of interesting facts about her homeland.

Our last lesson was with the Brazilian, Leonardo. Again there was a presentation about his country and because he is a musician, one of the students offered to lend him a guitar for the next lesson. Some of the students joined foreigners and their hosts for afternoon laser game.


During the second day, the class was once again divided into two groups but this time was not the same, they were divided based on our secondary language that means German and French speaking group.

The French speaking group met Maggie from China. Despite all the effort we made, still Maggie was not able to say “ř“ correctly. So we at least admired her traditional dress, which she showed us.

The other group had Jess from Australia. She guided them through the wild nature of Australia. At the end of the lesson, she also gave a chance to taste a special sauce from her homeland. She claimed that almost every Australian loves this sauce, which was really surprising for all of us. In the end of the day, the trainees joined the English conversation lessons.


On Wednesday we were also divided into groups, either according to groups for English or German/French lesson.

The first lesson, the French group watched a presentation about Australia. As an accessory to the presentation Jess showed us some typical Australian fruit. We discovered, that she took them with her so she wouldn't miss her home. She also sent some Australian coins around the class. Surprisingly she got back all of them.

In the meantime the German group was getting to know Joanna. Their lesson was also little unusual, after the presentation about her country, she gave them a writing lesson. The students were trying to come up with the most interesting words, so they would make it more difficult for Joanna, while she was rewriting the words in Chinese traditional handwriting. The students started with their names and continued with substantially harder words, for example the words containing “ř”.

For the next lesson we were the whole class together, partly because of absence of one of the professors, whose lesson would be deputized otherwise. Therefor we had the lesson with Michelle. After introducing her country – Indonesia, she decided to teach us some Indonesian dances. First she explained the dance moves and then she was looking if we are keeping up with her. Some of the students managed to mess it all up together and now, they are hoping that the videos which were made, won ´t be published.

During the third lesson half of the class had presentation with Ivette. She was colourfully describing traditional Mexican food. The information was mostly related to compound of certain meals. The base is dressing and cheese, which you can combine with tortillas, vegetable and spicy sauces. We tasted one of the spicy sauces, and yes it was spicy. Then she tried to cheer us up by showing us some typical Mexican toys.


We spent the first two lessons with Leonardo, who taught us some Brazilian songs. As mentioned earlier, he asked the students to lend him a guitar. In return, they played him some well­known Czech songs like Trezor by Karel Gott or Škoda Lásky and also managed to teach him the national dance, polka.

After Leo, the next trainee was Maggie. And once again, we danced. Of course, Maggie had a presentation including a lection of Chinese for beginners, which means basic things like Hello, Good bye or I love you. Surprisingly, the dance that Maggie taught us was not a traditional ancient Chinese dance but quite modern dance moves.


The last day, the last hours with the foreigners. The German group was with Michelle. She was telling them about nature. Precisely about Indonesian fruit. And at the end of the lesson she gave them a quiz about it.

The French group spent the time with Jess. We were all trying to make our own paper boomerang, some of us succeeded some of us didn ´t. But one way or the other we all enjoyed.

Then the goodbye lesson came. The whole school was saying goodbye to the foreigners. There was an interview about how they enjoyed the stay, while we were trying to hold our tears in. And this was the end of our story. But it was just a start for our foreign friends, because they left to a different school. We will remember them in good faith.

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