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About the EDISON project


AIESEC is an international, nongovernmental, non-profit-making organisation established in 1948. The organisation ensures cooperation of more than one hundred thousand students from over 120 countries. They search for young people with potential, so they could help them develop their skills. The organisation provides the opportunity to improve leadership abilities and to gain unshareable experiences which can be obtained during the international stints and the exchangeable residences. The main achievement of AIESEC is “piece and fulfilment of the human potential”.

Official website: www.aiesec.cz


EDISON (Education. Drive. Internationality. Students. Opportunity. Network) is an AIESEC project. In terms of AIESEC, EDISON project comes to the Czech Republic. The group of 5-8 students from all around the world visits different schools around the country. Each student is accommodated in the home of some student of the school he is visiting. During these visits, foreign students introduce their countries by presentation, games or different activities typical for their countries. The lessons are held in English, the trainees can share their habits, problems and compare their cultures to ours. Thanks to that, the Czech students receive experiences in communicating in English language.

Official website: www.aiesec.cz/skoly/edison

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