Every year are two classes of our school supposed to make a trip to  a foreign country, which is chosen by them. The two classes are kvarta (9th grade of a primary school) and sexta (2nd grade of a high school). We had to make the chioce about our destination three years ago, when we were in kvarta.

We were choosing from three options. The first one was the cold England, the second one was the exotic Spain and the last but not least one was northern Sweden. After some tiffs we picked the trip to Sweden. The main reason was the small possibility of visiting it on our own in the future. Sexta had to make the same decision and we undertook the foreign trip together.

This had been basically our expectation about the excursion: We will spend over a day in the bus and then we will have to stay on a place which is close to the Arctic circle and that there will be only a land overlaid with snow. We had thought, that we will be just stereotypically getting to know many natural landmarks and also seeing animals, such as reindeers, elks and polar foxes.

After all, we experienced nine wonderful days full of not just sightseeing and learning about Sweden, but it was also full of amusements. For example the amusement park Liseberg or floating on canoes and riding bicycles. And the weather surprised us as well, because the Swedish June was even warmer than the Czech June this year. Therefor we could often wear shorts and shirts - instead of the anticipated socks and jackets.

Read more about our trip on our website. We hope you will enjoy it.

Here you can see the video from our trip to Sweden.