In my opinion the food was delicious. During the passed week we were able to try a lot of specialities from the swedish cuisine. But we were offered tasty breakfasts and dinners in our accomodation as well. Everyone who is not too picky had an access to many good meals and besides the typical European cuisine we also tried some swedish specialities, such as meatballs and baguettes with fish. - Verča J.

I think the food was okay, but there was not enough of it. Sure, we were getting to know the swedish cuisine and one day we had a great barbecue, but sadly that was the only day I ate my fill. I would appreciate, if the guesthouse prepared at least a small snack, so we had something to eat when we were out of the accomodation. Even if it was just a bagel, a chocolate bar and an apple. - Verča H.


The accomodation was very nice and cozy. I really liked the interier, especially the motorbike in the corridor. We had to share the bathroom, but it didn’t bother me. We lived near a lake, where we could go and just chill. It was also far from a civilisation, thus it was also a little bit adventurous. - Maruška B.

When we arrived to Sweden, I expected something more plushy. I am used to a different level of standard from our family vacations. Therefore I was not very astonished from living in some kind of a cottage. I had a big problem with the shared bathroom, because I need my time to wash myself. And when you have to share the room with other people, that just simply is nott it. - Barča J.


Many people might have minded such an exhausting and lengthy journey, but not in my case. I am okay with the overnight bus-travellling, especially because there was enough space for everyone. To entertain ourselves during the journey, we were chatting, playing games and watching miscellaneous movies. - Broněk

The journey was really long. I am glad our next excursion was to Slovenia, thus we had to spend only few hours on the road. Nor did we travel through an interesting landscape which we could watch from the bus. - Tom


The program was very deep-laid. We got to know the swedish culture, architecture and history. Beside that we had a lot of fun for example in an amusement park or a water park. We even spent one whole day in the neighbourhood of our accomodation, where we tried canoeing, rode bikes and played some sports on the adjacent play grounds. - Pavlínka

I was simply bored most of the time. Not only that we had to travel by the bus all the time, but I also was not interested in the repeated visits to churches and museums. Beyond everything was a trip to the moorland, because it was rainning. Next time I would rather choose a trip where we will have fun and something to do. - Michal