On our trip in Sweden, we had a lot of fun. On our way there, we stopped in Copenhagen, were we experienced city sightseeing on boats, which was fascinating. View from boats during sailing through the canals was beautiful and undemanding and we really liked it.

In our next stop we visited the museum of Carlsberg brewery where we got the tickets for tasting local drinks. But we were allowed to taste only alcohol-free drinks because we were on a school trip and we weren’t 18 years old so far.

After that we could finally continue on our way to Sweden which was the final aim of our travel. In our accomodation we met for the first time our guide, Mr. Šmíd, who took care of us and our entertainment.

All girls already enjoyed the first trip, which led us to Gränna, where we visited the manufactory of sugar menthol logs. Although the girls were pretending they are listening to an explanation how to make the real one sugar log, in reality they were watching very handsome blond and blue-eyed guy who was leading the excursion. On the same day we visited a church on the island Visingsö, which was very interesting for us.

We also saw the famous hockey hall belonging to HV 71 in Jönkoping. We had a good luck because the hall was opened so we could go in and check the beautiful hall.

Another day we were supposed to visit the capital city of Sweden, Stockholm. The most interesting thing for us there were the celebrations of graduated students, who were riding along the city on tipper trucks and they were flooding beer everywhere. It was possible to hear the loud music two blocks before meeting them.

Another huge experience for us was a changover of the castle guard, which was much more elaborate than changover in Prague. We were also very delighted when we heard the composition by our famous composer Bedřich Smetana, played by the military band. After this we headed to the Vasa Museum, where the world unique finery, a huge flagship from the 16th century, is placed.

Next day, the fifth day of our journey, we stayed at our accomodation and we were enjoying the trip on bicycles (they are very common for Swedes) and other activities that should help us to improve our teamwork, such as volleyball, swapping or canoeing.

Two last days of our trip in Sweden were more or less technical, because we visited the museums of Volvo, Husqvarna and interactive museum Universeum, where students from younger class made a record in a number of cought balls shot on the wicket during one minute, even though they were tricky.

Our next destination was a Museum of safety matches where we tried to create our own packet of safety matches.

But the most exciting experience for us was visiting the amusement park Liseberg. Most of us tried the oldest roller coaster in Europe and went through the House of horror which was the best one we have ever seen.

After that we divided in many small groups. Some of them went on other atractions, others were just walking along the park and enjoying the great atmosphere ruling there and some of them tried their good luck in the wheel of fortune in which they could win huge packets of sweets.

Following day, during our way back to the Czech Republic, we made a break in city Malmö, where we visited the museum Malmöhus. After that we crossed the bay across the bridge leading to Copenhagen and we were already looking forward to be at home again.

This trip was absolutely awesome and breathtaking and we had enjoyed lot of fun. I think none of us will ever forget this.