Sweden, or Kingdom of Sweden, is lovely country in  the  north of Europe. It is one of Northern or Nordic countries alongside with Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland. Sweden, which lays on  coast of Baltic sea, is country of beautiful nature, big part of its size are forests. On west side of country lays huge massif of Scandinavian Mountains. Sweden’s neighbors are Norway on west, Finland on east, and on south Denmark, accros straits Skagerrak and Kattegat, with which is connected by unique bridge-tunnel.

Name of Sweden, in swedish Sverige, is derived from tribe Sweon, who were living there in middle ages.

Sweden is constitutional monarchy with king Carl XVI. Gustaf.

The capital city Stockholm lays on 14 island in Baltic sea. It is very beautiful, cultural city with europian importance. In Stockholm, Nobel Prize are given every year. Vasa Museum, which is also in Stockholm, has the biggest number of visitors and for Swedes is the most valuable inartistically oriented museum in Scandinavia.

Sweden with its size almost 450 km2 is third biggest country in European union and 54th biggest country in whole world. About 9,5 million people live here, which is less than in Czech republic, even though Sweden is much more bigger. Population density is only 29 inhabitants per km2. In capital city Stockholm, which is on east of country, live about 830 000 inhabitants and even though it is not a lot, Stockholm is biggest region in whole country.